BC Soccer looks forward to 2021 with hope and optimism

Although 2020 challenged us, we learned some valuable lessons and experienced personal and collective growth because of it.

January 5th, 2021 – Vancouver BC

One year ago, we rang-in 2020 filled with excitement and optimism over a new year, and new decade, while also reflecting on our challenges and achievements from the previous 10 years.

Since then, we’ve transitioned from “2020 Vision”, to “2020 hindsight” in an extraordinary 365 days.

From an organization standpoint, everything BC Soccer is and does, comes down to the health of our sport, and how our members function within it.  When they are challenged, so are we.   And although quite a few us were pleased to see 2020 go as the clock struck midnight on December 31st, as an organization, we will be thankful for the opportunity to grow, learn and adapt to the difficulties that last year presented us.

It was a year in which we brought many of our programs on-line, which turned out to be a major convenience, whether you were enrolling in a course or clinic, applying for a scholarship, or recognizing an awards recipient.

Our SGM and AGM’s were conducted virtually, which allowed for some members in more remote areas the ability to attend and actively participate …and from the comforts of their homes.  Obviously, as social creatures, we need interaction and the ability to connect in person, but perhaps in the future, can we explore a hybrid approach to our biggest event of the year?

2020 also saw us introduce a new Strategic Plan, which was the result of a comprehensive and collaborative process that included multiple stakeholders from every aspect of the sport.

We also unveiled our new Safe Sport objectives and plan, which too, provided us with invaluable feedback and data, that supported and augmented our “retention survey” results from the previous year.   All this data contributed to our clearer Vision Statement of “Positive Soccer Experiences” which is at the core of everything we strive for as a collective soccer community.

Despite these and many other positive outcomes of the year 2020, we cannot dismiss the fact that our inability to play through health and safety restrictions, severely affected us and our members.

BC Soccer continues to advocate on behalf of our membership to get back to game play, and contact training.  We fully understand and share the frustrations of our members, who want to get back to playing more normal soccer activity; we do too!

It may not feel like it now, but looking ahead to 2021, there is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and we must stay positive and be prepared for the resumption of full activity.

We will be ready, and hopefully, as we were in August, appreciate how important soccer is in our lives, and how it will greatly contribute to the health and well-being of everyone who’s been missing it.

About BC Soccer

Established in 1907, BC Soccer is the largest provincial sports organization (PSO) in BC and the third largest soccer-specific PSO in Canada with over 150,000 participants, consisting of registered players, coaches, referees, administrators and soccer leaders. As a professional not-for-profit society and a member of Canada Soccer, BC Soccer is committed to providing the widest opportunities for existing and potential participants, as well as provide support in the most effective and appropriate way for current players, parents, volunteers, member clubs, leagues, and districts.

Safe Sport Statement

BC Soccer believes that everyone involved in soccer has the right to participate in safe and inclusive environments free of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and to enjoy the sport at whatever level or capacity they participate in.

The welfare of everyone involved in soccer is the foremost consideration and in particular, the protection of children in the sport is the responsibility of everyone involved.