Goal Keeper training

Pinnacles FC takes our player's personal development seriously.  That is why we offer specialized goalkeeper training with our Head Goal Keeper Coach Tom McGill.  Coach Tommy has trained players throughout the Okanagan and has many that have moved on to play at higher levels (TOFC and with the Whitecaps).  He will work to improve your player’s technical skills, decision making, positioning, confidence, and concentration.  All the aspects that are needed to be a world-class goalkeeper.



Coach Tommy McGill is the Pinnacles FC Head Goalkeeper Coach.

Tommy spent his youth in the pro youth Rangers FC and then played for Ayr United, his home town pro team. Ayr is a small seaside town, the size of Penticton, on the west coast of Scotland. Tommy has been coaching for almost 20 years. After being capped at the international level for Scotland Amateur, he coached the pro youth keepers at Ayr United. Since immigrating to Canada he has become a very sought after keeper coach and now coaches all ages of players, with all different levels of ability. He has seen his players progress to play for many different college and universities, as well as the White Caps. He takes great pleasure in seeing them progress in this sport, and in being able to play a part in their development.
In addition to running the PFC Specialized Goalkeeper program, Tommy is also the Head goal keeper coach for our Men's Tim Hortons Pinnacles. This high caliber team plays in the Pacific Coast Soccer League.
For players that want to take their game to the next level, Coach Tommy can help you achieve your goals.

"Tom didn't just work me hard physically and mentally during training but he brought an enjoyment to it. There was never a day in training where he didn't make me laugh and realize the reason why I enjoy being a goalie. He knew when to be serious and work us hard but he also knew when to take a second and enjoy it. In him doing this he also brought enjoyment to working hard! Tom helped me to the next level in my career and even to this day I still do lots of the things Tom taught me to do! I am thankful I had the opportunity to be able to work with Tom for so long. I only have high praise and thanks to Tom for everything he did for me!"

Isaac Boehmer - Whitecaps goalie

"I have worked with Coach Tommy for the past 8 years. At no time during those years did I feel as though he had run out of guidance to offer or had exhausted his ability to provide nuanced and influential coaching points. His knowledge of soccer and goalkeeping more specifically has helped shape me into the player I am today, as is the case with many high-performing athletes he has produced. Tom knows how to get the best out of his goalkeepers, is passionate and intense about the sport but caring and supportive as well. His style of coaching reinforces mastery of goalkeeping fundamentals and has allowed myself and his many other goalkeepers to impress and adapt to higher levels of competition. His training is tough, rewarding, and engaging, as he strikes an ideal balance between intense work and fun. There has been no other coach or individual I have worked with throughout my many years of youth soccer who has been as integral to my success in sport. Tommy’s mentorship has afforded me the opportunity to do what I love at the collegiate level and I owe much of my continued success to him."

Jordan Thorsen – Simon Fraser University Men’s Soccer

"I have been working with Coach Tom for 8 years. He is great at breaking down fundamentals for the young ages while conditioning the same fundamentals as the goalkeepers grow and develop through the program. Coach Tom loves pushing us to our full potential and is credited for the opportunities I have received over the years."

Lexi Picton - York University 


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