PFC's Collection of Diverse Drills

Visual and written drill descriptions separated by player developmental stages readily available for all Coaches and Players to access. Just want to add few new drills to your arsenal, or maybe you are looking for a specific drill to be explained in a different way our collection will lead you in the right direction. Our training drills follow Canada Soccer Grassroots Guidelines, and the Pinnacles FC Philosophy.

It is important to remember as a coach that one of the most important things is being adaptable - meaning coaches must adapt to the number of players, the players' individual skill levels, and the difficulty you are trying to achieve. All of Pinnacles FC's drills can be adjusted to a much wider age range then they are designed for by simple making small changes to increase or decrease the difficulty and shifting the focus of the drill to be more narrow or more vast. 

Ultimately Pinnacles Football Club wants to get players to fall in love with the game!