Drills for Youth (U9-U18)

Pinnacles Football Club's collection of youth drills focus on learning by doing, building a larger repertoire of soccer movements, and teaching the basic principles of play in a fun and challenging environment. Technical and tactical development should be a focus throughout the players' youth development.

PFC 1000 Touches

A combination of 10+ drills designed to utilize all parts of the foot and maximize the number of touches on the ball. This is a drill that can be done in a small area, so we encourage players to try it out at home. Repetition is the key to learning anything; therefore, when players do drills with high repetitions the muscle memory builds quicker.

Skill Diamond


  • 9 small cones
  • 1 ball per player


Set your 9 cones into 4 equally sized gates in a diamond formation, with 1 single cone placed in the space between them all. You must dribble through every gate but must return to the middle cone before you go to the next gate.


To make it harder, you can add a different skill to use at each gate.

You can also remove the middle cone and add a mannequin or player to make it more game realistic.

Finally, you can add a timer to increase competition with other players. You can time how long it takes to make it through all of the gates and back to the start.


The focus for this drill is close control, whilst also working on speed, change of direction, and creativity.