Excelsior Spring District Teams

Pinnacles FC Excelsior District Program strives to teach youth how to become skillful and effective soccer players, by providing a professional and optimal learning environment.  Our objective is to help players attain long term joy and success in the game.

District Teams play in the Thompson Okanagan Youth District Association League (TOYSL League) or the Central Okanagan Youth Soccer Association ( COYSA )

U11 & U12 District Teams play in the COYSA  or TOYSL Development League.


The Spring District Program will look as follows:

  • Teams will play in the COYSA or TOYSL league. COYSA games are played on Saturdays, TOYSL games are played on Sundays April-June (actual dates to be updated once confirmed from the League) *COYSA games will continue into September and will be part of the Fall session.  
  • Training times will be twice a week, if a training session must be missed player is responsible for contacting the coach and letting them know of the absence.
  • The Pinnacles Administrative Office will work with team managers to manage all teams in the Spring
  • Preseason training begins March 1-17 this training is done in the Indoor facility. 
  • Game day- light and dark jerseys will be loaned to players for the season and must be returned in good condition at the end of the season. 
  • Players will receive two pairs of shorts and socks

Players are expected to comply with the following:

  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Shin pads are mandatory
  • No jewelry (including earrings)
  • When representing Pinnacles FC; players, coaches, managers, and parents are expected to act in a respectful, professional, and polite manner, speaking positively about the Club.


Commitment to the Excelsior District Program is critical to the success of the program’s integrity and overall success as this is a competitive program for a serious player.

Players are expected to attend all games and training.   It is important for parents and players to understand the time involved.


Team assessments are held twice a year. Days and times TBD