Welcome back to the Excelsior Academy! As discussed we have implemented a move of the week. The expectation is that all players practice the move at home or at the Club.
On each players first session of the week they will be tested on the move. If a player has not mastered the move a PFC coach will help them while the rest of the group continues with the session. Completion of the move will be documented and posted; as well as a weekly juggling test. All moves are in video format to help players master the move.
Access to Video Database:
2. Username: pfcplayer
     Password: (if you are an Academy player and do not know the password to e-mail us at
3. Scroll down the page to the bottom right hand corner to a box titled "Resources",
4. Click on "Go" icon located on the bottom right hand corner of the box.
5. Scroll and search the name of the move of the week
6. Watch video and practice.
Weekly Moves
Week 1. Cruyff
Week 2. Ronaldo
Week 3. Step Over, single & double
Week 4. Deco
Week 5. Robinho
Week 6. Okocha
Week 7. Figo
Week 8. Akka
1000 Touches



It is very important our PFC parents are as educated as possible in their player's long term development on and off the field. Below are videos, articles and quotes that will help you be the best possible football parent! Enjoy the journey!

Click here and please READ the Educated Parent brochure

Video: This is a fun video of  a coaches actuall experiences with parents.


Video: This is a 35 minute video that compares player development in Georgia to that in Brazil and draws important Lessons for coaches and parents.




 - Please note we do require proof that other forms of financial assistance have been explored prior to applying for Just Play -
Click here for Information
Click here for Guidelines
Click here for Application


Coach Development

Pinnacles FC hosting Coaching courses


Free coaching Course in Adidas sportsplex

Coaching Courses

Pinnacles FC will be offering the following courses free of charge to all PFC Coaches:

Fundamentals U5-8 Sunday, Sept. 23 9-5 pm Adidas Sportsplex
Learn to Train U9-12 Sunday, Oct 21 & Sunday, Oct 28 9-5 pm Adidas Sportsplex

To Be Register :
Sent an email to :

With your name, first name and the course you want be involve.
Thanks yann
250-870 4310

If you are interested in coaching please contact us at Our philosophy for ideal long term youth player development is to play possessive attacking football. Possessive meaning we like to keep the ball in the attack. Attacking meaning we like to penetrate when we see the right opportunity. This style of play takes time, patience and skill to develop; however, this style will set up our players at all levels to reach their goals in football while enjoying their selves.  While playing this style on the field we will continue to strive to create a program that fosters a place for every player based on their goals.

Each player will be well rounded in regards to their physical, technical and physiological abilities on the field.  All players ideally need to be able to play all positions, as it helps them to understand the game better while being taught a balance of attack and defence.  Off field, we will teach all of our players to be polite and respectful while being tough and aggressive. All players are expected to be in good standing at school. A great soccer player equals a great student equaling into a great citizen....


Please click the link below to complete your Criminal Record Check.
Online link:
Access code:  VHRVBT7PFB

The future is not just bright, it's progressive!!
You do not need any previous soccer or coaching skills to be able to coach for PFC, you just have to like kids 🙂



                                                                     BC Soccer 

Visit for all courses

At this stage, skill training demands and training loads are increased to develop and refine skills and tactics. Tactical awareness becomes an increasingly important facet of training, alongside mental toughness, concentration, and diligence. Elite soccer groups may express interest in recruiting talented young players, but coaches and parents should be careful to recognize and protect the long-term interests of each athlete. Game formats develop from 8v8 to 11v11 (although no 11v11 prior to 13 years of age) as players grow through this stage, and the season moves toward year-round play that includes appropriate rest and recovery periods.



NEW REFEREE HANDOUT - All the info you would need to know once you have selected to become a referee

Any questions please contact the head referee Georges Spagnolo via email:


What else do I need to become an official?
In addition to a whistle and a Law Book, you need a uniform (referee shirt, black shorts, black socks), a digital watch, and flags.

How much does it pay?
U9-U10 Mini Soccer pays....$15 per game.
U11-U18 Club Youth pays $20-$40 for a ref, and $10-$20 for AR's
U11-U18 District pays $30-$55 for a ref, and $17.50-$35 for AR's

How will I be scheduled for games?
You will receive an email from PFC showing you what games are availble for your qualification. You will then be able to accept them through a log in process online. Remember to update your availibility in your ref center system and that you cannot accept a game in which a close relative is playing or in a division in which you play.

What kind of support is there for officials?
We have a Referee Mentor, whose job is to provide on-field support and suggestions. He will be readily availble to answer questions or address concerns that you may have.




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