INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: In January 2018 a change has been brought forward where there is a possibility of International Students playing in our league. The entire document is found HERE - please specifically look towards the bottom of page 5 where it says as copied below. The form that needs to be completed and submitted with the documentation is found HERE (please note there is a $105 fee apparently charged for this - not by PFC).

*NEW* Minors who are Exchange Students
Typically exchange students are ineligible to apply for an ITC because they must have at least one parent in Canada with them; however the FIFA Players Status Committee may, on a case-by-case basis, review an application to grant approval to request a minor exchange student’s ITC, providing one of the following very specific circumstances apply and the club the minor player intends on registering with has no professional team, is strictly amateur, and has no financial, legal, or de facto links to a professional club:
NOTE: even if the following circumstances apply, there is no guarantee that FIFA will grant approval
1. The duration of the player’s academic study abroad program and the duration of the player’s envisaged club registration is less than a year; or
2. The duration of the player’s academic study abroad program is longer than a year, but the player is turning 18 in less than a year; or
3. The duration of the player’s academic study abroad program is longer than a year, but there is less than a year of the program
If applying to the FIFA Players Status Committee, all of the mandatory documentation listed below must be included with the application:
Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate) of the player;
1. Proof of identity and nationality of the player (passport);
2. Proof of identity and nationality of the player’s parents (parents’ passports);
3. Documentation of the Exchange Program (name, purpose, funding, duration, ) provided by the exchange program;
4. Registration form for the exchange program (as completed by the parents and the minor player);
5. Confirmation of the players return to his home country (signed declaration by the parents or the exchange program that the minor player will return to his home country upon completion of the exchange program);
6. Documentation of academic education;
7. Confirmation of player’s participation from academic institute in home country;
8. Documentation of accommodation and care;
9. Status of new club and duration of registration;
10. Status of player with former club;
11. Authorization of host parents; and
12. Parental authorization
This process can take anywhere from two to six weeks to receive a decision (or longer, depending on the complexity of the case). Please note that provisional ITCs cannot be issued for the player during this application process. The FIFA Players Status Committee may also request additional documentation to what is listed above.
- Provisional Certificates for ITC applications of minors are only provided in cases where the player will be registering strictly as an amateur with an amateur club with no legal, financial or de facto links to a professional club.
• CSA DOES NOT communicate directly with District Associations, Clubs, players, or parents regarding ITC applications, questions, or status checks; they only communicate with the provincial body (BC Soccer).