Pinnacles Football Club

Pinnacles Football Club Association

Mission Statement

Pinnacles Football Club Association is a non-profit soccer association whose mission is to provide soccer players, coaches, officials, and parents in the South Okanagan with programs and opportunities to learn, play and develop regardless of age, gender or ability. The association aims to ensure that these opportunities are granted in a safe, fun, and supportive manner while encouraging fair play and development in the sport of soccer.


Pinnacles Football Club Association

The name of this organization shall be Pinnacles Football Club Association also referred to as Pinnacles Football Club - South Okanagan District hereinafter referred to as the "Association".


The association shall have the following purposed:

  1. To promote, develop and administer the game of soccer at the Youth District level.
  2. To maintain membership in good standing with the British Columbia Soccer Association, hereinafter referred to as BC Soccer, and adhere to the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations thereof.
  3. To represent and act on behalf of its Members and assist them to develop and effectively administer soccer programs.
  4. To operate without purpose of pecuniary gain to any of its members and to use any surplus of the Association solely for the purpose of the Association and the promotion of its objectives.


Pinnacles Football Club Association Rules and Regulations

PFC Bylaws

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