Welcome back to the Excelsior Academy! As discussed we have implemented a move of the week. The expectation is that all players practice the move at home or at the Club.
On each players first session of the week they will be tested on the move. If a player has not mastered the move a PFC coach will help them while the rest of the group continues with the session. Completion of the move will be documented and posted; as well as a weekly juggling test. All moves are in video format to help players master the move.
Access to Video Database:
2. Username: pfcplayer
     Password: (if you are an Academy player and do not know the password to e-mail us at
3. Scroll down the page to the bottom right hand corner to a box titled "Resources",
4. Click on "Go" icon located on the bottom right hand corner of the box.
5. Scroll and search the name of the move of the week
6. Watch video and practice.
Weekly Moves
Week 1. Cruyff
Week 2. Ronaldo
Week 3. Step Over, single & double
Week 4. Deco
Week 5. Robinho
Week 6. Okocha
Week 7. Figo
Week 8. Akka
1000 Touches


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